Would you enjoy the silence?

Being a music enthusiast, I often imagine a world in which there was none. Have you ever envisioned your life any different because of that? Would you enjoy the silence?


For those of you who follow me on instagram, you probably saw that I went to hear Anathema’s mesmerizing tunes at dusk. While being drawn into their world, I thought about how much music has shaped me as an individual. From a fragile age I’ve been interested to know more about the people who can put together such a thing that can touch your heart; words and notes. Later on, it evolved in something much greater. I was interested to know about the different genres, how they made you feel and how could they bring people together in common admiration. Where I’m getting at is: music is the culprit for my personal style.

Music is what introduced me to different subcultures and made me experiment with different styles. Over the years this has resulted in me being able to find my personal style. Of course this is something ever evolving, but the interesting thing is that the remains of everything I have experienced are still there.

So here I am today saying that I would definitely not be enjoying the silence in a world without music. I’m curious to know if you feel the same. If you’re curious in regards to my musical taste, you can visit my Last.fm account.

And since we’re celebrating music, leave me your favorite love song in your comments. I intend to listen to each and every one of them! 


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    1. Thank you so much, Eva! I love adding that belt to simple outfits for a bit of oomph! ♥
      Hope you have a lovely week!

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