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It’s been a week and some days since our return from Prague and I still feel like I somehow stayed there in spirit. The whole Prague trip was as spontaneous as it was crazy, but we enjoyed every single minute of it!

One lazy October evening, I found myself listening to music on shuffle mode. One of the songs that popped up was “When Love and Death Embrace” by HIM. I felt as if ages had gone by since I had last listened to that song, and I just sat there for a moment to enjoy it like I once did. After the song finished, I looked up to see if they were having a show anytime soon. Turns out they were… A whole lot of them, to be exact. They were having a farewell tour!

I don’t know how to explain what I had felt at that moment, since they were the first band to introduce me to music, and help me develop my musical identity. They have been with me through the most beautiful years of my life. They were there when I was feeling sad or angry or happy. I don’t know if you guys have that sort of connection to some songs or a piece of music; something so familiar that if feels like home every time you listen to it. If you do, you can completely understand what I am saying.

Anyway, I immediately started looking for tickets but everything was sold out. Everything, except Prague. That’s when things went a bit too spontaneous for me, and I went ahead to announce our trip to my boyfriend. And there we were: concert tickets, airplane and accommodation.

Upon arriving to Prague, one day before the concert, I was immediately awed by the architecture and the winter vibe. I could not wait to hop out of the taxi and get my walking shoes on to explore the city!

Prague has enough beautiful streets and corners to keep you busy for several days, but we had to speed things up if we were to see as much as possible!

It didn’t take long to reach the Old Town Square. The whole scenery brings you to a halt, and all you can do is look around at the marvelous architecture. The Municipal House is a wondrous building and next to it, the Powder Tower (you can see it above). I believe I was absolutely transfixed for some minutes, just trying to collect all the details. Of course we could not miss the Astronomical Clock, one of Prague’s most memorable landmarks. We also managed to stroll for a bit along Vltava River and snap some pictures, but the weather was absolutely freezing! The city was buzzing with people due to the Christmas markets! It was absolutely amazing and really worth another visit!

The concert was also amazing! It was the fourth time I had seen them live and they were just as amazing as I remembered them. The crowd was so enthusiastic and everyone was singing along to all the songs (you could barely hear Ville at some point)! It definitely left me feeling sad; this may have very well been the last time I see them, but I am very, very grateful to have had this opportunity. 

HIM Bang & Whimper Tour Prague - looktheotherway.co

You can see all these things and more in the vlog below:

I guess I should stop now because this post is getting big enough as is it; but I leave you with a question: have you ever visited Prague? Do you wish to? Let me know!

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  1. I’ve been twice and I’d go again in a heartbeat! I love looking at your beautiful pictures … I bet it was busy with the Christmas markets! Pretty sure we went into that Absinthe place too. lol

    1. I know what you mean! I’d definitely like to go again soon; feel like I haven’t seen everything there was to see. It was so busy but we enjoyed it nevertheless! 😀

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