When in Cologne

While packing for my next Europe escapade, I considered sharing my view and experience in Cologne (Koln) Germany. Armed with a number of pictures and a few Mediterranean-grown-girl opinions, I ventured last week in the north.


When in Cologne, one always reaches its cathedral! It’s an enormous gothic architectural beauty that makes you stop and stare for minutes on end. The monument is so big that I actually used it as a guiding point since the city is quite intricate. To my shame, not few times I felt a bit lost; only to figure it out on my last day there!

Cologne is a city for shopping! I’m talking about great stores and great prices on one of the most packed streets I’ve visited: Schildergasse!  While it accommodates large department stores and branches of familiar brands, its cousin Mittelstraße fancies exclusive designer stores! Let’s not forget about outlets such as Designerspace Outlet and Bonprix Outlet; give those a try!

Cologne has several museums, one of them being the Museum Ludwig, which houses the works of Picasso, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein; a must see if you are there!



Living in Bucharest, I am not used to seeing so many people riding bikes instead of driving cars! If I craved for something while there, it most definitely was riding my bike through the streets with the sun hitting my skin. Which got me thinking; it would not be a bad idea to acquire one of my own! 


I’m curious to know what cities you’ve visited recently and what made you crave to change something in your way of life. 


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