When in Cluj-Napoca

If you’ve peeked into my instagram stories in the past few days, you definitely know we traveled to Cluj-Napoca to attend the Depeche Mode concert there! Since we stayed a couple of days more, my camera is filled with pictures from this lovely city and of course I had to share some with you!

Cluj is the second most populated city in Romania, next to Bucharest, but it’s quite different in both infrastructure and customs. It has a large Hungarian community with an active academic and cultural life but here’s more on what we did there:


We strolled for hours in the city center, trying to avoid pedestrian streets and focusing more on little arteries. That’s where the magic is, since you will be greeted by cosy little baroque-influenced houses and huge gothic towers! I fell in love with the so-called Széki Palace, seen below. It reminds me of Hogwarts for some reason (even though its size is not that big), the way it sits on the Somes river.

Keep an eye out for the Matthias Corvinus House as well if you ever decide to visit. It’s one of the oldest buildings in Cluj-Napoca, built in the 15th century!

Széki Palace


I was quite impressed with the number of second hand, vintage and outlet shops I saw in the city. Of course I visited all that crossed my path and I am not disappointed at all! Some pieces were so expensive I had to look twice at the tag, thinking I might have added a zero too much. But others were exceptionally cheap for the brand and decade! I managed to acquire some pieces for my wardrobe but I definitely would have bought more if I had searched well enough!

All in all:

Cluj-Napoca was never on my list of “to visit” and I think I would not have if it weren’t for the concert.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed it more than I had imagined I would! I think it’s a great weekend trip city and surely I’ll get the chance to visit it one more time just for the sake of walking its hidden alleyways.

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  1. I didn’t know this city! It looks really nice and old, somehow.
    I think I’m gonna add to my visit list! 😀

    Xo, Lyn