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After a quiet weekend by the sea, I am back today with last week’s adventures in Bratislava, Slovakia! Hopped on my flight on Wednesday morning in order to reach Bratislava just in time for a delicious lunch in one of the prettiest medieval city centers!


After lunch at the charming Sasazu, I ventured on the narrow streets of Bratislava’s inner city. No matter where you turn your steps towards, your sight can easily spot St. Michael’s tower and Bratislava castle (which I didn’t get the chance to visit yet, but have in mind for next time). Even though the historical center is quite small, the streets are buzzing with people sitting at cafes enjoying the sun, or souvenir shopping. If there’s someone out there that doesn’t enjoy crowded places, that’s me! But Bratislava is different, I love the way it makes everything feel cozy and familiar.

Don’t forget to look for Viktor Hulík’s “Cumil” statue or Juraj Meliš’ “Napoleon Soldier”! It’s a charming adventure to try and find them all!

What’s a trip without shopping though? With that in mind, I set out towards the Danube banks, which host not only an endless array of bars and restaurants, but also Aupark shopping center! A lovely air-conditioned oasis that can keep you busy for a couple of hours and away from the summer sun.


While mindlessly wondering through the Slovak capital, I somehow ventured near the Reduta building, from which I could slightly hear someone playing the violin. Wondering why, I found out the building is the present place of activity of the Slovak Philharmonic! Feeling sad I did not have much time on my hands, I swore that next time I would surely attend a concert there! 

All in all:

I most definitely need to visit Bratislava again soon! I cannot say I got my full share of it. It’s amazing how much you can discover just by turning on the next corner! A medieval jewel here, a baroque marvel there and then a communist block! Highly recommend this city for all you European history lovers!

Let me know what city you visited recently!


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