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I never considered myself a “fashionable” person and I still don’t. Thing is, I don’t dislike the term, because let’s face it, we all find ourselves looking for the current trends. But, my past style adventures state quite the opposite!

Yours truly, circa 2000, was wearing jeans to the gym class and had never known a more comfortable shoe than a sneaker! My favorite type of accessory was a chain I dragged through the belt holes of my jeans and some spiked bracelets I thought were really cool.

Come high-school, I had developed an obsession for all things gothic lolita! Despite being the cause of much pointing and laughing from strangers, I wore that frilly dress everywhere I went!

In university, I thought I was all grown up. No more frilly dresses for me, but a rather more serious and strict attire. I was into pencil skirts and corsets; shirts and gruesome accessories.

Once in a corporate environment, I decided to finally start dressing in a so called “socially acceptable” manner. I tried looking though fashion magazines, see what is up with trends and whatnot. The more I tried to adapt my style to the “real world” as one would call it, the more confused I became.

“Fashion suggests, you choose.”

Looking back to the person I was trying to portray growing up, I found I still harbored some of its likes and dislikes. And then I realized, I shouldn’t be trying to compress and erase that person, I should be asking what that person taught me. All those fashion faux-pas had led me to ask “What is my personal style?”

Much soul-searching after, I finally realized that I don’t need to have a label. I like minimalist aesthetics but I also like to add gothic and 80’s accents. Neutral is key, but I also want to draw attention. I would rather wear black than bright colors. A niche was not what I needed, a style in which I can feel comfortable, was.

It’s not that I’m trying to talk you out of niches, rather, I am trying to emphasize that your own personal style is more important than following a label, a trend, a crowd. I am here to say that, to truly express yourself through clothes is one of the most beautiful things out there and it can show the world who you are; one just has to look at you. Fashion is here to suggest, you are here to choose.

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