Wear Black🌙 Eat Pizza

Would you look at the calendar? The year is almost over and I feel more myself than ever; maybe because of the knit I’m wearing: Wear black, eat pizza!


We took a walk in a lovely park of Bucharest the other day. Treading through wet paths, trying to find a lovely spot for some shots. I love the stillness of nature when the frost creeps in. Little droplets lingering on every leaf, the naked branches bending towards the ground… It was actually like I was waking from a Christmas hibernation! All I did these days was eat, sleep, edit a bit and repeat. It’s wonderful to be able to get such a sheer feeling of nature in the middle of the city.
I was really excited to put this outfit together since I wore my two latest obsessions: the H&M vinyl pants and the Killstar Pizza knit! I was coveting these pants for a long time but was never confident enough to try them on. Until I did! Of course I fell in love and here they are today. 
Did you guys make any New Year’s resolutions? I think they never last, but still I think I’m going to try and stress less, save some money and truly just be myself, I guess: wearing black and eating pizza, as always!
Hope you’ll all have a wonderful New Year’s time!
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