Ultimate Guide to Indoor Plants

It’s not a secret that I love house plants (some might call it an obsession)! For quite some time now, I have slowly turned my house into a comfortable abode for our green friends. Thus, I decided to share with you my main choices when it comes to indoor plants!

I am not the most caring of people when it comes to watering and taking care of plants, but somehow I managed not only to have them live but also to grow them out! If you are someone like me, the suggestions below will definitely help you grow out your collection!

1. Succulents

If you’re looking for the easiest plants to take care of, look no further! Succulents proved to be the most low maintenance plants I ever owned. Why? Well, they only need a little water once per week and if you feel they would like to grow, add some succulent fertilizer. You can find this at any plant store, I am sure. A thing I noticed with succulents is that they give distinctive signs of dehydration, so just pay attention if that happens and increase your water usage.

2. The Zanzibar Gem

If succulents are hard to kill, this one is immortal! The Zanzibar Gem, also known as the ZZ Plant, likes it a bit warm, but has no exceptional needs of any kind, except for a little water and some light. It’s okay if you forget to water it, because it’s tolerance for it is remarkable! If it feels okay, you will surely notice since it multiplies like crazy, so make sure you leave it enough space in its container.

Left: The Mass Cane | Right: The Rubber Tree

3. The Rubber Tree

Probably one of my favorites, the Rubber Tree is not that easy to take care of, but has air purifying properties. When caring for a rubber tree, make sure you don’t expose it to direct sunlight; it doesn’t like it much. Once you find it a good place in your house, avoid moving it around since it can start to shed its leaves. This baby grows quite quickly and you will need to re-pot it soon enough if you don’t leave it enough space for its roots.

4. The Mass Cane

Also known as a corn plant, this is a widely used interior plant from the Dracaena family. Compared to the Ficus, this one grows slowly. It will surely give you no trouble since it can do with a moderate amount of water and most indoor lighting conditions. If you take care of it as you should, you will definitely have a tall tree-like corn plant!

5. English Ivy

I left out the hardest for last. I advise you to get this plant after you are already successful with the above mentioned. Ivy is my favorite plant and the hardest to grow in my opinion. I unfortunately killed two before being successful with my gold child, as called. The secret here is to expose it to moisture. If you cannot do that, I suggest you buy a special container for it so that it can choose its own level of water. Ivy loves light, so make sure you place it in a sunny spot!

Hope you enjoyed my little plant guide and let me know if you get any of these for yourself!

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