The Witching Hour

Sunday afternoon was all about playing in the snow. I grabbed my most favorite dress and the all-necessary witching hat and off we went!


Afterwards my boots were soaked with freezing slush and my nose resembled that of Rudolf, but I enjoyed it so, so much! Since December decided it’s Autumn, I cannot help but feel like the holidays have come knocking on the door. Wouldn’t mind tasting some of those yummy Christmas cookies again, mind you. 

Otherwise the week has been extra busy, I’ve been happily working on a few ideas for content. I’m so extremely grateful for all your positive responses of my recent take on content. I just wish I could hug all thank you for everything! 

Hope you enjoy this photo-shoot as well and have a creative day!

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  1. Such a wonderful outfit! I am obsessed with that dress! I tried to find it, but apparently the Finnish H&M doesn’t sell it. Such a shame.

    Also, I’m new to your blog and I really love the aesthetics 🙂

    x Lilly

    1. Awh, that’s such a pity! Did you try ordering it from somewhere else? Not sure if it works… Welcome in that case and thank you for your wonderful words! Hope I don’t disappoint! 🙂 Lots of love!

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