Summer Shoes

When it comes to summer shoes, I look for comfort and versatility. Being a shoe-addict though, I cannot do with just one pair; they need to look good, to feel good and to be practical. Here are my suggestions for a few essential pieces for this season!


Comfortable shoes are a must during summer, regardless of the style you opt for. If a pair of shoes pinches your feet of leave them sore by the time you take them off, you will never reach for them again creating clutter in your wardrobe. If you have a pair like that, get rid of them. Find a couple of brands that make shoes in your real size and keep them close to your heart and feet.


Leather shoes feel more comfortable than faux ones, and I’m sorry to admit that. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t recommend them for summer. Instead, try to find shoes made from other materials, such as cotton, cork or suede.


During summer I prefer to switch from black to white, beige or grey, but let’s face it, a few black pairs are always needed! You can never go wrong if you stick to neutrals although there is something quite poetic in adding a red heel sometimes.


I always give up on heels during the hot season, just because I like to walk for long periods of time and I am not as skilled as to do that in heels! If you are one of those people who can rock a heel for hours, good for you, keep on rocking! If I want to up-style a certain outfit, I always go for pointy flats; they work just as well!

When it comes to choosing shoes, some of my favorites are espadrilles, birkenstocks and pointed flats. What are your favorite shoes for summer?

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