Suit Yourself

Accentuated shoulders, double breasted cuts and buttoned-up pantsuits; this isn’t the 80’s, this is the new power suiting! The blank page of the calendar marks a new season and it wants you suited up!


We’ve been bombarded with deux-pièces for this new season and it’s clearer than ever that designers are visually vocalizing their support for female power. Power suits have returned but this time women don’t wear them to fit in the boy’s world. This time, they are showcasing true substance veiled in femininity.

Owning a fair amount of black suits, I decided to take it further this fall and get this double-breasted piece in a color totally outside my comfort zone, pale yellow. While the piece itself looks really fragile and feminine, I wanted to make it feel empowering by pairing it with my Sisters of Mercy t-shirt and milk white kitten heels. Of course red lipstick could not be missing from this equation and neither could black nail polish!

If I had one garment on this planet and would have to wear it daily, that would be the suit! A suit works for almost all occasions, be they casual or fancy. You can tone it down and glam it up easily! Just by adding a pair of sneakers to the mix you have your daily uniform ready! While some strappy sandals with a revealing blouse can get you through cocktail hour! Of course this yellow suit will be the subject of many mixes and matches to come, so I’m pretty excited with my investment. 

“The more she hides and abandons her femininity, the more it emerges from the very heart of her existence”, said Yohji Yamamoto and I believe that to be the epitome of today’s power suiting.

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    1. Love them! I listen to a great deal of music and different genres, but mostly I like synthpop, dream pop, new wave, ambient etc. 😀

  1. I LOVE the colour! I have to admit that I’ve never owned a suit, but I do have a few suit jackets that I like to wear in both casual and more dressed up styles. They’re such versatile pieces. I really like that you’ve added a t-shirt with this suit. It works so well together. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. Thank you so much, dear! A blazer is truly a versatile piece! One of my favorite combinations is a feminine dress with an over-sized blazer! <3

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