The Simple Chic

I’ve been thinking the past few days that I have a certain admiration for women who cross the border of what society expects of them. And all these women have something in common: casual, comfortable but still festive and chic looks. Taking pride in trying to strive for such a posture, I figured that there are a couple of elements to look out for when trying to compose a simple, but still chic outfit. Here’s your guide for it!

Up top

God knows I own lots of white shirts! Thing is, I never buy one that looks like the other! Try and up your shirt/top game by focusing on simple yet interesting details. Longer sleeves, colorful buttons or cut-outs can make a statement and really spice up your whole outfit.

Playful tailoring

Unconventional cuts and shapes can always up the ante, and the ones I chose here give a nice flash of ankle, which I love! Look for asymmetrical cuts or flared-out trousers and you’ll surely turn gazes! For a more flattering fit when going for the flared look, your trousers should be fitted on the tights and the bottom should flare out just as far as the width of your hips.

The bag

Since the dawn of time, people preferred to carry bags hands free. Hence why the Christina Fischer denim bum bag is the top of my list of essential bags. When looking for comfort but also want to give a chic flare to your outfit, choose bags that allow your hands to be free but give a certain something through their design.

For yours truly, this is an outfit that screams Andreea. As we all dress as we feel, today’s rule is the rejection of the expectations people have nowadays of the female figure ideal. Thus, loves, dress yourself in whatever makes you feel comfortable and turn heads with your chic self!

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