Secrets for Waking up Early

Being no stranger to the alarm sounding at 6 A.M. and sleeping in all day long during the weekend, it took months of getting used to waking up in time to get out the door before being late! Getting to fit more into my day was crucial for me since besides having a full-time job, I also want to have the necessary time and energy to focus on my blog and social media accounts.

Here are a few tips to beating that alarm to the punch!

Going to be earlier

During week days, I tend to get ready for bed a little earlier than usual. Think of an hour that you know will make it easier for you to wake up the next day. Whether that is ten o’clock or twelve, make sure to minimize your exposure to your mobile or computer’s blue light, since it can affect the your sleep.

Have a hot beverage before bed

If you’re not used to going to bed early, you may have an issue with actually falling asleep. If a bath does not help you, try to have a hot tea! Herbs that make you sleep like a little angel are: valerian, lavender and chamomile.


Never Snooze

This is one of the most difficult things in the whole wide world to do, but try and avoid hitting the snooze button! I know how that whole “one more minute” thing works; you end up getting up a half an hour later and say goodbye to that skin routine, because it’s time to get out the door! A good tip is having your alarm out of reach, that way you have to get up to shut it up.


Never, but never ever skip breakfast, guys! I know you’re most probable short on time, but a five minute breakfast will not hurt anyone. It will make you feel better within minutes and you’ll start your day with a little more energy. Since I am a coffee type of person, I allocate half an hour in the morning just for grabbing something to eat and having my coffee while instagram-ing. I feel fresh and ready to go in no time!

Know what you’ll wear

This used to be my kryptonite! I would never know what to wear to work and I’d always end up being late, aside from making my room look like a warzone, with clothes thrown on every surface! Try and pick out what you’ll wear from the night before. This way you’ll not end up in sweats and you’ll also save time.

Have your stuff ready

You know when you’re already late and you cannot find your keys? Has that ever happened to you? Well, that used to happen to me as well, until I got a little basket by my front door in which I keep whatever I need to take with me before I go. Have it for your keys, you wallet, your agenda; anything that you need to grab just before heading out the door.


Hope my tips were useful and let me know if you ever try them out!

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