There is pleasure in the pathless woods

I can’t believe winter is withering away so soon! There wasn’t even enough snow to consider this a proper winter. Thus, we went to the only place in which we could find some enduring particles of chill, the woods.


When I’m not wondering the woods, I’m functioning on concrete pavements and in glass boxes, feeling like I’m oiling the clock wheels of dystopian machina. I’ve somehow come to despise this rush. It does feel wonderful to work and fake accomplishment, but free hours are a luxury almost extinct. 

You all know that I love coming here and writing my thoughts, and putting together outfits and taking pictures. Well, sometimes, doing that is so hard for me to do. That’s why I decided to give Patreon a try. If you’re interested to know about what it is, here’s a useful link

I just wanted to mention it for the time being, but I will surely do a separate post all about it at some point.

Once in a while, whenever I feel like wanting to connect to my inner conjurer of complaisant aura, I put on my hat and draw on a charcoal gown, and voilà! Witchy outfits always seem to lift my spirits!


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    1. Thank you, darling! It is, yes! I found it in a vintage fair for just a couple of coins (like 50 euro cents), it’s outrageous! 🙂

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