Pajamas and coffee

It may not come as a surprise, but I could lay in bed all day long! That’s mainly why I enjoy a slow morning whenever I can, in my fancy pajamas, with a cup of coffee. It’s such a small, little luxury, but for me it’s the epitome of happiness!


We all know you can now wear your awesome pajama set on the streets, and that’s just perfect for people like me, who just refuse to get dressed during laid-back mornings. Even though being lazy is my dream pastime, I cannot afford to do that as much as I would like to. This week being no different, I’ve been working on blog posts, videos and vacation plans. Just uploaded a new video on Youtube yesterday and I would really appreciate if you guys gave it a thumbs up! 

Of course a quiet morning at home wouldn’t be complete without coffee and fashion! And regarding fashion, I’ve been obsessed recently with a book I bought: Lee Miller in Fashion by Becky E. ConekinLee Miller was the absolute It Girl of the flapper era. She was also a photographer for the British Vogue and a wartime correspondent for the magazine starting 1943. An interesting woman with an even more interesting life. Worth a read, dears!

Let me know what your favorite lazy day pastime is!

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    1. That’s an issue, yes! But there are some days on which I really cannot be bothered with work! haha
      Thank you and you should check out the book! Really inspiring!

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