New Moon

Happy belated new year’s wishes, everyone! May the new moons grant us with knowledge, dreams and many, many wonderful moments! 


Just as January slowly crawled in, I woke up to the reality of appointments, bills and deadlines; all the little commodities of modern life, wrapped up in silver linen. I must admit I find it quite difficult to return to my obligations, when all I want is to explore the recent rays of creativity that have spurred from unknown corners of my mind. 

One of these rays have sent us exploring new locations. What we found was an amazing structure. It once was an wondrous theater; now, unfortunately, it lays in ruins. Nevertheless, this does not take anything away from its beauty. 

I am back with a rather casual look, which actually pretty much sums up the way in which I adorn myself lately; being extremely thankful for big hoods and minimal forms. This H&M hoodie is possibly my most used garment these past few weeks, and it always makes me feel like a modern shaman. The other parts of the outfit don’t fall far from the tree. The t-shirt is a recent favorite of mine; and how could it not be!? BlackCraft Cult holds some of the most amazing items and I cannot help myself from getting one or the other when visiting their site. 

Here’s a fun little behind the scenes video we shot! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. I have that same hoodie and I wear it almost daily! It’s probably the last thing I’ve bought from h&m almost two years ago.

    Blackcraft Cult has the coolest prints, I actually have a top with that same print too. 😀

    1. It’s an amazing piece! I got it two years ago too, I believe and it’s never failed to look good! <3 I love BlackCraft Cult, they are an amazing brand and they never fail to make me open my coin purse haha

    1. I know what you mean! It’s always really difficult to get into things after vacations. 🙂 Isn’t the location just dreamy? It’s so sad that it’s collapsing soon… Truly a pity!

  2. Hi, Ellone.

    Black is my ultimate favorite color! I love the black pants, boots, and cardigan from H&M. You look good with it! I will buy that outfit soon, Ellone.

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