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If there’s one thing women are mocked for, that’s their love of bags and hoarding everything imaginable in them. As a minimalist, I have learned that we don’t really need tons of bags. You just need the right pieces in order to be able to be versatile. So let’s break it down, ladies! The minimalist’s 5 bags!

The envelope bag

Let’s start small (or at least try to). Since I am not a big fan of clutches, I chose to own the next best option, and that is the envelope bag. Fancy dinners, parties and weddings; this baby has got you covered! When buying a clutch or an envelope bag, try to keep things simple. Either choose a black one (very easy to match) or a really precious one that will gather all eyes on it.

The shoulder bag

Need a new best friend? The shoulder bag has got your back, or shoulder for that matter. This is my favorite type of bag because it keeps my hands free and it’s easy to access while in a hurry! I usually wear shoulder bags six out of seven days and they’re a lifesaver! I’m sure you’ve seen my little shoulder bag tons of times but it’s my favorite one from H&M

The bucket bag

If you need to carry more stuff around and you’re not a big fan of small bags, try a bucket bag. They are equally as hands-free as the shoulder bag, but a bit more spacey. I usually wear a bucket bag when I need to carry makeup and notebooks around. 

The shopper bag

This is heavy duty stuff right here! If you need to carry stuff around all day (as I do when I need to have my camera equipment and so on), go for the tote shopper bag! It can carry anything from groceries to laptops. I usually carry this one around when I need to run errands.

The backpack

If there’s one bag that fits me perfectly, that’s the backpack. I use this for work, for bike rides and laid back afternoons with friends. I suggest you invest in a simple, high quality backpack that will last you for years and years. Mine is a leather one I got a couple of years back from Zara (similar here) and it still looks brand new. I will probably give this piece up when I’ll completely destroy it.

I’m curious to know if you own these five types of bags and which one is your favorite! Let me know in your comments below! 


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    1. Shoulder bags are definitely the most amazing thing! I use is daily! And yes, I can see why a shopper is perfect for college; heavy duty carrying there! 😀

    1. Oh, I know! I hate the bedazzled ones with all sorts of rhinestones and complicated shapes. That’s why I prefer to have a simple black leather one that can carry all my stuff. 🙂

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