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As most of you already know, I decided to move to a bigger house last month. It seemed like an easy task at first, since I had spent months de-cluttering and purging a considerable amount of items… I could not be more wrong! Once I started packing though, I was flooded with an endless array of stuff I had forgotten in the darkest corners of my drawers!

“Live  Simply”

I can tell you now that there’s nothing like moving to make you realize the extent of your personal possessions! This experience made me realize that that simple life I imagined I was close to, was still miles away. Now, with more experience accumulated, I can share with you some hard-learned lessons about living simply:

1. Possessiveness vs reality

The first thing I came to realize was that we are not as attached to our possessions as we may think we are. What came as a surprise to me was how little I remembered from that stuff hidden at the back of the drawer! Items I hadn’t used in years were just occupying space. It was time to sort through them and it amazed me how easy I could place them in the trash bin.

2. Emotional Objects

Once I started throwing things away, they started coming back to me… memories! If you can put aside the emotional aspect of it all, you are my hero! I, on the other hand had some issues here. Finding a shirt I had worn to the Depeche Mode concert made me crack! Yes, I admit, I still keep shirts and pictures and tickets from my young years, but I did manage to get rid of my junior high tutus! Choose wisely when it comes to emotional objects!

3. Space can be tricky!

A lesson learned from the old house was that it was way easier to use up space than reclaim it later. Once I brought in all my boxes to the new place, I had to think up of a new home within the home. It was harder than I had imagined! Things I had brought along and thought I needed, no longer seemed to fit or have a home! Space is something that can confuse us, since we sometimes underestimate how much it can constrain us. It was time to truly figure out how much stuff does it actually take to feel like “enough”.

4. Be careful!

If I have one important tip for you, that is: be careful what you bring in the house! Once you’re done with de-cluttering and you’ve found a new home to your belongings, think twice of what you bring in there to keep them company. If you want a vase, think twice about that vase. Don’t just jump on the sale wheel and buy any ordinary vase; look for the certain one that can make you happy once you look at it.

5.The opportunity of a lifetime!

Not my case, since life has made me move homes at least once every three years, but for some people, moving can be the opportunity of a lifetime! It comes with a sense of realization on what’s really important for you and what simply drags you down. Rather than looking at it as an inconvenience, look at it as a fresh start in which you can do things better than last time.

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