A little less than perfect

Over the span of my blogging, I have gathered a fair amount of embarrassing pictures that are a little less than perfect. Whenever I flip through the images of the shoot in order to choose the best angles, the most flattering face, I always give out a giggle whenever I encounter these funny captures. Why I am sharing them with you? For the same reason, they’re just too funny!

When I was reading the blog of Masha Sedgwick (whom I love), I saw a blog post like no other. She was sharing some “ugly” pictures that didn’t make it on the blog! I found so much of myself in those that I remembered how many of them I have hidden somewhere in my laptop, never to look at again!

In real life, I almost never take life or myself too seriously, more than that, if there’s a person out there who self-ridicules itself, that’s most certainly me. In other words, I am a firm believer in a healthy dose of self-irony and being yourself, even if nowadays, being less than perfect is not celebrated. As a blogger, I always strive to have good quality content and pictures. That means that I am self-conscious of the things I put out there on the great wide web. 

What I wanted to show here is that we all have that side that’s not shown online. It shows a great deal of what is happening behind the scenes of the shoot! It feels like a great air of freshness to the stiff, perfect look of today’s picture-perfect world!


“I wanna shoot a close up, stay like that.”

“Like this????”

“Stop snapping pictures before my pose!”

“Try and look like you’re skipping down the curb.”

Oh… I can do that… Without looking!”


All in all, I think it would have been quite sad if I was the only one to laugh at these pictures! So go on, loves, laugh away and always remember that if feels good to be yourself even if it’s a bit less than perfect!

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