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We all know those white lies we tell ourselves like “I like to be spontaneous”, “I know what I have to do today”. I used to be like that too, a lazy last-minute kind of person, with no clear goals or priorities. Sit tight and grab a cup of tea or coffee, because below I’ll share with you how that character has turned into a self-disciplined, to-do list kind of person.


Setting goals is not a chore

You know those New Year resolutions we all make and one month later throw in the bin? The reason why we throw them away is that they seem too far and unfeasible. Setting reachable goals for yourself can be a creative process! A goal can either be going on that trip you always wanted, becoming good at your job or buying a new sofa. All in all, setting goals is important but what is more important is the journey there, meaning…

The journey and objectives

We tend to focus on the destination and not the journey. Learn to enjoy the journey and set mini goals for yourself. For example, you want to save a 100 euro in a month; that is your goal. In order to get there, you first need to be able to save 10 euros; that’s your objective. Once you strike out that 10 euro mark, you will feel much more motivated to keep it up until you reach your finish line. When you have set feasible goals and objectives, who you become in the process is much more important than the actual destination.


Specific VS Unspecific

A repeatable mistake people make is setting vague, unspecific goals. To set a goal, you first need to know exactly what you want. Here are some examples of unspecific goals:

  • I want more followers on Instagram
  • More free time
  • Eating healthier

These are all noble wants, but the problem with these is their lack of planning. Some specific goals would be:

  • I need to post at least one time a day to get 200 followers in a month
  • Wake up at 7AM instead of 8AM and get more free time
  • Pick a salad as a side-dish instead of fries for a whole month

Setting specific goals means you have already thought of a plan, a deadline and a plan B!


Resources & Understanding

The time has come to put pen to paper and write down your resources. In order to achieve anything in life, you have to understand what it takes to get there. Sometimes, apart from hard work, you will need some accessories. For example:

  • In order to get 200 followers, I need to post a picture everyday ➙ In order to have a picture to post every day, I need a camera, possibly an editing tool and the necessary time to do so

Those are your resources. To sum up, understanding the process will make you think of your resources; once you have those, the journey is as good as initiated. All that’s left to do is:

Measure your results

In order to know you’re on the right path, you will need to find a way to measure your results. I found very helpful to have a milestone page in my agenda. That way I can strike out the little objectives I have set in order to reach the final destination. I cannot stress how important it is to reevaluate your goal once in a while. Why? Because your current situation will be different every time and far many or less resources may be available.


This strategy has helped me a lot these past few months! Focusing on my blog while working full-time is not an easy task, but setting little goals is so important in order for me to reach my final destination; being a good blogger! I work during weekends, I work in the evening after I get home from my job, I read a lot about social media, fashion and minimalism because I know where I want to go with this. When I get that feeling that I can’t do it anymore, I open that page that has my words on it and it helps me remember.

I hope that if you reached this far down, you gained something helpful and you feel a bit more encouraged to dream big! So write down your goals, and go achieve them. Get that notebook and grab your pen because it’s time for you to set goals and be more productive and achieve the things you want to. Remember to enjoy the process and to embrace both your failures and achievements, set objectives and do what makes you happy! 

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