Why I gave in to gel nails

If I have to pick one thing that is of crucial importance for me (and not only me), that would definitely be time! I’m sure most of you know that I try to accommodate a job, side projects and leisure time in the span of 24 hours. That can be a handful, I promise! So whenever I can, I try to cheat time by having to spend as little of it as possible on the necessary toilette.

This has been achieved by switching from regular nail polish to gel!

I’m sure that you’ve all been through the struggle of trying to wait for your nails to dry at the salon, while feeling paralyzed to even attempt to grab your phone. I will not even talk about doing them at home, since we all know how that goes. The main reason why gel manicures have been adopted by many is their shine, endurance and effortless drying process!

I hopped on the gel-wagon a couple of months back, when one of my friends decided to embellish my nails in a gorgeous gray color. Once I saw that a whole week had passed and my nails were holding strong; no chipped nails, no broken ones, no fading, and seeing that that was the case for next week and the next, I considered myself converted! I had saved whole hours of my life, given that I usually would paint my nails two times per week with regular nail polish. I now had spent one hour to have them ready and they lasted me for about three weeks!

Going online the next day, I bought myself a kit (here) and wondered at my unknown ability to do them myself, AT HOME! Now, I have a considerable collection of colors (as if!) and I spend an hour to myself while grooming my nails once every two to three weeks!

If that does not save you time, I don’t know what does!

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