How to insta!

Let’s get down to something a bit technical: having a harmonious instagram feed! It’s not as easy as it sounds! Many top instagrammers have developed their own style of presenting visually pleasing imagery and I’m here today to share my “secrets” on how to create yours!

1. Color scheme

The very first thing you should figure out is what your overall color scheme should be. The color scheme is responsible for setting the whole mood of your feed. The main tones I use are black and white (duh!), but I tend to throw in some greenery and grays here and there. I wanted to keep it simple but strong at the same time. There are many users who have adopted their own gorgeous color schemes; pastels, neutrals and even neons! Go crazy and find yours!

2. What is your message?

Before pointing and shooting, think about what you want to get out there. What is your message? Your pictures should be consistent and harmonious. Don’t just go on shooting random things, because as much as that may serve the initial purpose of instagram; it does not show a professional looking account. I guess you’re reading this post because you want to use instagram for a specific project, to get promotion etc… That means it should not fail to deliver that exact message.

3. The pictures

Let’s get into the technical details now. Quality is mandatory and I cannot stress this more! No one wants to see pixel-ed or blurry images so pay attention to what you post. If you do not have a professional camera, don’t fret; you don’t need it. Use your phone and shoot in natural light. If you don’t have time to shoot in natural light, invest in a good white light lamp.

4. Editing

You took the perfect shot? Great! Now let’s get to posting. You can use an editing tool if you wish to, but I usually apply the same formula to all photos I upload. I use the same instagram filter, I edit the lighting using instagram as well, and guess what, I crop my pictures using that too!

5. Choose wisely

Last but not least, think twice before posting that picture. Does it fit the last one you posted? Does it fit the whole theme? I tend to check this by having a separate folder in my phone with all pictures I posted. I move the new one in that folder and decide if it looks good. If not, maybe it will fit at a later time, don’t throw it away!


Hope these tips were helpful! I’m curious to know if you use any of them yourself or have different ones you’d like to share. Leave your comments below ❤

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