5 Steps To Cleanse Your Wardrobe

5 steps to cleanse your wardrobe

Have you ever stared at your wardrobe in the morning thinking that you have nothing to wear despite the fact that clothes are stacked in there? Well, I’m sure you have! I used to have a wall-length closet chocked with clothes and it made no difference. I found myself wearing the same pieces over and over again, despite my vast choices. Hopefully, the below 5 tips will help you tackle that issue, as they have helped me.

1. Restrict what you bring in

Once you’ve made up your mind that you want to reach a potentially minimal but versatile wardrobe, this is the first step to be taking in that direction. We are all delighted when it comes to shopping for new clothes, but think twice when doing so. If there’s a certain piece you’ve been craving after and you find yourself thinking about it, then by all means, go for it. But, do not give in to sales and start buying things just because they are cheap! Once you start getting rid (aka donating) of your clothes, don’t re-stock just yet, because…

2.Start defining your style

This is a huge part of wardrobe cleansing and this will be your main selection tool for months to come! Once you know what you like and what you feel comfortable in you will immediately know what to rule out. Your style can focus on a certain color pallet or certain cuts, this is up to you.  Prioritize what does not fit ideologically with the rest of your clothes.

3.Apply the “Have I worn it in the past year” principle

This is what getting down to business is. Take everything, and I mean everything out of your wardrobe and start going through them. I tend to separate them in two categories: Things I wear on a regular basis and ones I haven’t worn in while. These can usually be pieces I was sent through blogging, special occasion attire or things I used to like and don’t anymore. During this process, I sometimes end with a pile that we can call “I sometimes wear this”, and this is the pile that needs your attention the most.

4.Analyze what you’re left with

Once you’re sure what your style is and are done with your “regular” pile, it’s time to focus on the “sometimes” one. When analyzing, have in mind the following:

  • Does it fit right?
  • Is it comfortable?
  • Does it make you feel happy?
  • Can you wear it in multiple ways?

A negative answer to any of these questions should automatically send it to the “donate” pile.

5.Evaluate what’s left

Finally, take the necessary time to organize what’s left of your clothes in an accessible manner. Have everything in sight (as much as possible) and I guarantee you that you will get dressed quicker and more enjoyable.

Hope this article has helped out a bit and let me know if you feel any different.

Enjoy your new wardrobe in a clutter-free environment!

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