It’s a bag thing!

minimalist 5 bags -

If there’s one thing women are mocked for, that’s their love of bags and hoarding everything imaginable in them. As a minimalist, I have learned that we don’t really need tons of bags. You just need the right pieces in order to be able to be versatile. So let’s break it down, ladies! The minimalist’s 5 bags!

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Summer Shoes

When it comes to summer shoes, I look for comfort and versatility. Being a shoe-addict though, I cannot do with just one pair; they need to look good, to feel good and to be practical. Here are my suggestions for a few essential pieces for this season!

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Face the tee

Along the lines of confessions: I am in love with t-shirts! I wear t-shirts all year long; white tees with high waisted jeans; under sweaters during winter and so on. It was only logical to give in to the creative mind of Vaiva.

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Why I gave in to gel nails

If I have to pick one thing that is of crucial importance for me (and not only me), that would definitely be time! I’m sure most of you know that I try to accommodate a job, side projects and leisure time in the span of 24 hours. That can be a handful, I promise! So whenever I can, I try to cheat time by having to spend as little of it as possible on the necessary toilette.

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