It’s a bag thing!

minimalist 5 bags -

If there’s one thing women are mocked for, that’s their love of bags and hoarding everything imaginable in them. As a minimalist, I have learned that we don’t really need tons of bags. You just need the right pieces in order to be able to be versatile. So let’s break it down, ladies! The minimalist’s 5 bags!

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Sustainable Fashion Choices

As a consumer of fashion, I could not be farther away from the process of creating a garment. All the research, design, materials, fabrics, pattern-cutting, sewing and packaging that goes on before a piece reaches my wardrobe, is unknown to me. Sustainable is a word I learned to be aware of and so should you!


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10 hints that indicate you’re a minimalist

You prefer white button-downs over tight blouses? Have you ever felt overwhelmed when too many things are around and friends always think you’ve got a little bit of OCD? Never felt compelled to follow fashion and always look for clean lines and uncomplicated looks? Well, you may probably be a minimalist and don’t even know it!

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The Journey So Far

Only a few months ago, my home was filled with things, things that I somehow collected obsessively over the years; sentimental items, makeup that was expired but I liked the packaging, a huge wardrobe full of clothes, accessories and shoes! I believed that if I had an amalgam of things, my life would be easier, I owned everything I needed to reach a comfortable life. It wasn’t so.

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