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Remember when I talked about those five steps to cleanse your wardrobe? Well, I’m here now to talk about what happens after you get rid of all that excess clothing. These are five steps to create a minimal wardrobe!

I remember me a couple of years back, before figuring that I had to reduce my wardrobe. My wardrobe was overflowing with clothes and still, I had a stressful time in the morning when picking out what to wear. I would always buy more without thinking of whether they fitted together or not. I had a few pieces I would constantly wear and the rest were just for that “what if I need to wear this at some point” moments.

Now, I own 10% of what I did and I think it’s plenty! I can afford investing in some trendy pieces without burdening my wardrobe and they all have a harmonious continuity. I achieved that by focusing on some simple rules:

1.What’s your style?

This is a huge subject and maybe I will discuss it further in another post, but still one of the most important ones when coming to building a wardrobe. Just ask yourself: What you do you usually feel comfortable wearing? What fits you best and what are your favorite colors? For example: I usually like structured shirts and pants, I focus on a certain color palette and I definitely would choose pointy shoes as opposed to round ones.

Just spend some time and answer those questions. Find a style icon and study what they are wearing if it helps you get inspired. Just be careful, because what they are wearing may not fit your body type, so try and also keep that in mind.

2.Simple, Subtle, Sophisticated

When it comes to a minimalistic wardrobe, I believe you should invest in some statement pieces that can elevate any given outfit, and then keep everything as simple as possible. “Simplicity is the key note to all true elegance” said Coco, and I believe her! Statement pieces can either be huge brooches, structured coats or some crazy shoes. These pieces need to be kept to a minimum in order to achieve the result you’re looking for; always pair them with basic pieces.

You may think that a wardrobe which focuses on basic pieces sounds boring… It is not. Basic pieces allow you to be the main actor of your movie. By choosing a pair of beige culottes, a basic white t-shirt and a killer shoe; you say what you can let your personality come through without being too loud about it.

3.Quality VS Quantity

 When owning less clothes, you want to have them look as good as they possibly can. You can achieve this by focusing on natural fabrics such as wool, linen and cotton. When comparing a poplin shirt to a polyester one… well, I think you can witness the difference for yourself.

Most clothing pieces nowadays are made from synthetic materials because they are cheaper to produce. This makes it difficult to choose natural ones because they don’t look as “trendy” as the others. Try and keep in mind how much better your skin will feel in something natural and put the polyester back on the rack where it belongs!

4.To print or not to print

Many will say that a minimalist’s wardrobe should be basic, plain and simple. I totally disagree! I am a girl who enjoys a nice stripe and a good houndstooth! Prints and patterns on your clothing should not be something to be afraid of. What I tend to do is combine a patterned piece with a plain one in order not to be too loud. Sometimes though, I feel inspired and combine patterns and prints together! If you feel me on that one, then try and find patterns and prints that are not exactly the same, but have some type of similar characteristic. For example, you can pair horizontal with vertical stripes or floral pants with a striped top!

The key to achieving the “minimal” look is to keep in mind its aesthetic and in order to better grasp the aesthetic, you need to be familiar with it.

5.Stay inspired

What better way to familiarize yourself with the minimal aesthetic then to head on over to Pinterest!? I am a huge fan of the platform and I use it for just that: staying inspired! You can find hundreds of pictures on minimal outfits, home décor and whatnot! Just stay organized and create boards that help you figure out what you would like to wear. It’s also a good tool to help in your shopping! If you would like to get a new pair of trousers but don’t actually know what to pair them with, go and look for similar looks and combinations.


Hope my tips help you in building your dream wardrobe and remember: this isn’t supposed to make you toss away your possessions! Having a minimal wardrobe is supposed to bring you joy and have a smile on your face while opening those closet doors in the morning!

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