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If you’ve been following me for a while, you’d know that I am still putting the finishing touches on the new apartment. Today, I can finally say that most of it is done! Since many of you were curious to know what I did, I decided to share some pictures and help you build the most amazing decor wishlist!


One of the most challenging rooms for me was the living space. I wanted to keep it as cozy as possible since it’s the room I’m spending most of my time in and also the room in which I keep all guests. The materials used here were natural, such as wood, wool and linen. Nevertheless, I love more harsh details, such as concrete and metal, so that’s why you can see them integrated here and there.


The bedroom was a whole different story. I wanted it to be a place in which I feel perfectly at home! As you can see, the main tones are black and white, although I love adding plants to make it feel more welcoming. Because the bedroom is our personal space, I wanted it to be as clutter-free as possible. Since sleeping is important and we don’t get much of that, there’s no cable connection in the room! It was quite hard to sleep during those first days without a TV, but now it feels so good to just lay in bed and slowly fall asleep.

I decided to place the desk in the bedroom as well. This space sees a lot of me in the afternoons, so the desk always needs to be tidy and clean and hopefully that way inspiration comes knocking. 

Hope my suggestions are helpful in order for you to build each and every nook and cranny of your space! Let me know what you think about the place and maybe you have some suggestions for me.

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