Ebony Summer Glamour

They say there’s nothing that could make a woman feel more confident than when she is wearing an all-black outfit. I’m a firm believer and there have been many times I’ve chosen to wear my ebony attire to feel more glamorous; even if there’s 40 degrees outside! When wearing my blacks though, I like spicing things up with statement accessories and here are my suggestions!


When it comes to today’s trends, we know that the bigger is definitely the better. I’m talking about earrings here, darlings, and a piece of statement dangling ear-pieces can take your outfit far.

Because we’re still in the midst of summer, wearing your hair away from your face and neck is one of the best choices to make. As any fashion trend, the turban recycled its way through fashion history to our times. The draped turban has been a favorite cameo of fabulousness for me, taking me back to silver screen glamour. Whether I’m thinking of Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo or the 70’s Biba look, the result is the same, femininity, grace and glamour!

The key to wearing a turban in your day to day look and not look like you’re going to a fancy dress party is to keep things simple. Consider a jumpsuit as a laid-back version of summer attire. Elegant yet relaxed and extremely comfortable! It’s a nobrainer and the ultimate solution for all summertime problems: you only need one step to get dressed, it’s breezy and you can move easily in it. A total winner! I decided to wear mine with my slide-in heels, a new pair I fell in love with from Zara.

What are your favorite summer outfits?

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  1. I adore this look! An all black look really is so chic, and I personally tend to wear more all black looks in Summer as well. It’s a easy way to look like you’ve got yourself together.


  2. Siree | Eleonora | Patrícia | Melanie | Merel: Thank you, loves! <3 Hope you're having a wonderful day!