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Being in the middle (start) of my minimalism journey, I tend to find decluttering or purging certain items quite confusing and chaotic at times. What I found to be helpful is having a target and go about it piece by piece.


What I have listed down for you today is targets that you can “hit” immediately, without any sentimental hold-back.

1. Manuals

Still holding on to that booklet from your microwave or washing machine? Well, now’s the time to get rid of it! If for some reason you think that might be helpful one day, I got news for you: most of these can be found online!

2. Cords

Look in that back drawer you have! You know the one; the one in which you throw all your electronic devices’ little accessories. You don’t remember where that cord is from; what it does? You know the drill.

3. Containers

I mean plastic containers that don’t have a lid anymore, jars, bottles etc. Recycle what you can and throw away the rest.

4. Packaging

That laptop box needs to go! And so does that watch box… I have been guilty of keeping expensive items’ packaging in the past, but I realized that if I don’t intend on re-selling it, the only thing it does is clutter my space.

5. Books

Being a book worm, I can relate to not wanting to throw books away. I used to have books that I no longer thought helpful or had the intention of ever reading again, but the thought of throwing away a book would kill me. Donate, don’t throw away. I’m sure there are people who would appreciate that book you no longer want.

6. Text books – Notes

Once I finished university, I was left with a huge suitcase of notebooks, hand-outs, text books and what-not. A suitcase of them was holding up valuable space in my closet! If you know someone who might need them, by all means give them away. If not, recycle.

7. Old receipts

I’m sure that if you open up your bag now, you will find at least five of them in there. If you no longer need it for changing or returning an item you purchased recently, the bin is waiting for it!

8. Seasonal Decoration

I’m not much of a holiday person, so I own hardly any seasonal/ holiday decorations, but I know it as a fact from my parents, that these things gather up each year like crazy! I’m sure you have some favorite pieces that bring joy; keep those, get rid of the rest.

9. Toiletries

I cannot even begin to describe how my bathroom was before beginning the purging process! Samples, empty shampoo bottles, expired sunscreen etc. If it sounds familiar, you should equip yourself with a plastic bag or a box and get down to business.

10. Linens and Towels

I put these together because they work similarly, in the sense that you always need a clean one. I noticed that when it comes to towels or linens, I kept using the more qualitative ones and kept washing and re-using those two or three pieces, making all others useless. If you’re doing that, it would be a good idea to donate some old ones.

11. Cards

Open up your wallet and look inside. How many business or membership cards do you have there? Do you need all of them? Do you need any at all? It’s time to give your wallet some space, it will feel like new again!


I can tell you from experience that no matter what you throw out that you think you might regret, you won’t miss it. If you haven’t used it regularly for the past six months, you will never use it again.

Go for it and let me know what you end up purging! 

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