10 hints that indicate you’re a minimalist

You prefer white button-downs over tight blouses? Have you ever felt overwhelmed when too many things are around and friends always think you’ve got a little bit of OCD? Never felt compelled to follow fashion and always look for clean lines and uncomplicated looks? Well, you may probably be a minimalist and don’t even know it!

1. Wardrobe

When it comes to your wardrobe, you like to invest in timeless pieces rather than trends. You treat trends as something to buy every now and then just for the thrill of it. Nevertheless, you’d always choose a button-down classic piece over a crop-top.

2. Looking chic

You always enjoy looking very put-together but don’t strive to look like you’ve put a lot of effort into it. No matter the occasion, you prefer comfortable shoes over killer stilettos and feel perfectly fine with just enough makeup to accentuate your strong points.

3. Cleanness

Your home is your sanctuary, you like to keep it clean and wouldn’t have it any other way! Everything has a home within your home and you wouldn’t own something that has to functionality.

4. Clutter-free

Clutter is not something you deal well with. You would rather have your space half-empty than filled with decorative belongings. This does not mean that your space is void of personality, on the contrary, it’s an extension of your personality.

5. Quality

Preferring something of a finer quality over something of a lesser one is something that characterizes you. You would rather save up and get that one thing you want rather than buying the cheaper version.

6. Waste

Despising waste is usual for you and you would avoid it at all costs. You would rather use up every single drop of your perfect perfume than buying another. You usually apply the “cost of wear” principle to everything you buy!

7. Organizing

You are quite an organized person and this extends to every aspect of your life. You don’t dumb everything in your computer; everything has a place. You like building shopping lists and enjoy arriving in time wherever you go!

8. Personality

You wouldn’t classify as a person with a lot of friends. As with everything else, you like to have a good couple of friends with whom you share quality time with.

9. Simple

You don’t fear appearing simple in other people’s eyes. You see simplicity as being the ultimate style principle and always strive to achieve it.

10. Future oriented

Looking forward is something that motivates you. You don’t like holding on to bad memories or ponder over the facts. You want to always improve yourself and look forward to the coming day.


Did you find yourself in any of these? How many were definitely you?

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